What to do so that your house always smells good?

The bad smell in the house is a fairly common problem that can be caused by various negligence. However, with a little creativity and little expense, you can make your home smell nice. Below, learn ways to make an apartment beautifully fragrant.

What should a house smell like to make life pleasant?

Unpleasant odors can affect our mood and make us irritable. This is a minor nuisance that significantly worsens our standard of living. See what you can do about it.

Causes of bad smell

In many cases, the unpleasant smell is due to an oversight. The most common sources in the house are a refrigerator and a washing machine. Spoiled food or wet clothing left confined for too long often affects the odor throughout the house. Fortunately, getting rid of it is very simple. It is enough to clean the equipment.

A bigger problem for people sensitive to odors will be pets. Their bedding, cages, or litter boxes may smell strong. In this case, you need to regularly take care of the cleanliness of the creatures and objects around them.

The most difficult odor to eliminate will be the smell of humidity. It can be felt in poorly ventilated apartments, old buildings, and tenement houses.

scented candles

A good habit is to light candles when we spend time at home. Its light positively affects our well-being, and the smell is gently dispersed throughout the interior. Remember to choose those that are made from natural oils. Paraffin candles can have a negative impact on our health in the long run.

fire starter

If we are the owners of a fireplace, we can prepare a scented ignition ourselves. Just put herbs like rosemary or cloves and citrus peels into paper coffee filters. We sew the filters and we have a firewood ready that will give us a beautiful smell.

Christmas fragrances

Christmas is behind us. This does not mean, however, that we have to give up climatic fragrances. We can make a simple scented ball of oranges and cloves. It is enough to hit the fruit with spices and spread it in different parts of the house. Remember to replace the balls frequently.

air humidifiers

One of the most effective ways to diffuse odor in your home is an air humidifier. We are going to buy one in which you can pour a few drops of essential oil. The equipment will improve the hydration of the house, and incidentally it will provide us with a pleasant fragrance.


What to do in a situation where our house is too humid? So we can buy an air dryer. It will drain excess moisture. During its use, we can use other ways to smell the air well.

fragrant closet

If there is an unpleasant smell in our apartment, it is very likely that our clothes will quickly be soaked with it. In this case, we recommend creating envelopes filled with various herbs. They can also be sprayed with essential oil. We hang the envelopes in our closet or put them on the shelf next to our clothes. Such a trifle will also help us in the fight against moths.

Air freshener

The disadvantage of air fresheners is that they do not last very long. However, they are good to have for crisis situations when we want to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell.


Vinegar can be our last salvation in terms of odors that are difficult to remove. Their initially strong odor can be a deterrent. Fortunately, after some time it evaporates, and a neutral smell remains in the house.

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