What should you know before buying a clothes dryer?

Clothes dryers are becoming increasingly popular and many people are wondering which one to choose for their home. A large number of models on the market makes the purchase decision difficult. Next, we explain what to look for when choosing a clothes dryer, so that the purchase is successful and the dryer will serve us for years.

What to look for when choosing a dryer?

Clothes dryers in recent years have gained many supporters. This is not surprising, because dryers have many advantages and make life much easier. Below we suggest how the dryer works, what models we distinguish and what other aspects should be considered before making a purchase.

Types of clothes dryers

Currently, there are three most popular models of clothes dryers on the market. They differ in the way they work and in price.

Extraction of air dryers: their operation is very simple. Hot air is first blown into the chamber, and then blown out with steam. With this model of the dryer, it will be necessary to connect it to the ventilation duct, so already at the purchase stage, you need to think about whether we will have such an opportunity in our home. Supply air dryers are the cheapest, but at the same time, they can also be the least energy efficient.

Condenser dryers: This type of dryer uses the phenomenon of condensation, which means that during drying, water vapor condenses and turns into water. The water is then collected in a special container, which must be emptied after each use of the dryer. Some models have the ability to connect the drain to the sewer system, so you don’t have to remember to empty the bin yourself, every time. This model of the dryer is slightly more expensive than air dryers.

Heat pump dryers: they work on the same principle as condenser dryers, but use the so-called closed circuit. This means that hot air is used to heat cold air in later phases of the clothes drying cycle, thus preventing heat loss and ensuring greater energy efficiency. This model of dryers is the most expensive of all those discussed.

Advantages and disadvantages of clothes dryers

Electric dryers, like any other device, have their pros and cons. Here we present the most important ones.

Advantages of electric dryers

No need to hang clothes in a traditional dryer, saving time and energy

Clothes dry in 60-160 minutes. It all depends on the program and the weight of the laundry

The laundry does not give moisture to the apartment and does not absorb household odors, for example, cooking

The laundry room does not take up as much space in the house. Sometimes, to dry a large number of clothes in the traditional way, min. Bedding, towels, or jackets, you have to take up significant space in the house.

Clothes always smell good, which is non-standard in the case of traditional drying, for example, during periods when the radiators are not yet heated in the apartments and there is high humidity

Blow dryers are great for removing pet hair. In the drying process, the layer is blown from the fabric and collected in a special filter.

Drying clothes in a washing machine minimizes creases. Thanks to this, some clothes do not need to be ironed at all.

Disadvantages of electric dryers

Incorrect program selection may cause shrinkage or destruction of some garments

You have to permanently find a place for them at home and, depending on the model, connect to the sewage or ventilation system.

They consume additional electricity and generate additional costs

Some models can be noisy and you can hear their work

Buying a clothes dryer: what else to look for?

If you want to buy an electric dryer, the following aspects are also very important at the stage of choosing the right model. It is not just the type of operation that counts, but also the size or capacity.


If we have a small space, choose a model that we are sure will fit in our room. Most of the dryers are 60 cm deep, and only a few are 46 to 50 cm in size. This is also important when we want to put the dryer in the washing machine. Too wide a tumble dryer will not hold stable in the washing machine and will be impossible to install.


When choosing a dryer, we must take into account its load volume. It is recommended that the dryer load be equal to the washer load size. If it is smaller, then it will be impossible to dry all the washed things at once.

Door opening direction

When buying a dryer, pay attention to whether you have the possibility to mount the door on both sides or whether the door opens in the desired direction. Otherwise, it may turn out that we will not be able to fully open the door, because it will interfere, for example, with the wall or other furniture.

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