What is the best way to store our food?

Thanks to the proper storage of food, we not only become more economical and ecological, but above all we are sure that we do not expose ourselves and our loved ones to loss of health.

What is the best way to store food?

Knowing in what conditions we should keep certain foods allows us to enjoy their flavor, aroma and nutritional values for longer. And the correct selection of accessories to store them guarantees that we can easily find what we only need to prepare a meal. Also, thanks to the different shapes of the containers, we can save space in the kitchen and even in the refrigerator!

Dry and loose products: flours, pasta, groats, sugar and various varieties of oats – these products are supplied almost wholesale to every household. Most of the time we store them in the packaging they were bought in (plastic, cardboard, paper), so after opening they quickly lose their flavor, get soggy, and worst of all, they are a tasty morsel for insects: food moths.

Dry and loose products are best stored in jars, the closure of which is equipped with a rubber seal, or in plastic containers. Thanks to this, we are sure that they will not get wet and insects will not get into them.

If we store this type of food in drawers, let’s make sure that the size of our containers is ideal. In the event that we decide to store in cabinets, let’s choose containers that have transparent sides. These treatments will make it easy to find the desired product after opening the cabinet or drawer.

Refrigerator food storage

In the refrigerator we store the most perishable products: butter, milk, prepared meats, as well as leftovers from a home-cooked dinner, and often fruits and vegetables as well. Improper short-term storage of food can cause it to lose its flavor and all nutritional value, there is also a risk that some of the products will pass on the smell of others. To avoid this, let’s choose the right containers in which we will store them.

Cold cuts and cheeses can be safely hidden in plastic containers with a closure. Thanks to this, we will avoid drying of products and moisture. Butter, on the other hand, must be kept in a glass or ceramic container, necessarily with a lid that can be easily opened with one hand.

Ready meals are best placed in a plastic container, which is suitable for heating in the microwave. It is good to choose a container that has more than one compartment, thanks to which we can, for example, separate the main dish from the salad.

Simple solutions are the best If we don’t want to waste time in the morning, and we need to provide our child with a second breakfast or want to bring a healthy snack to work, for example carrots or celery, we should provide our household with reusable grocery bags.

food packaging. Thanks to the hermetic closure, we are sure that the smell of the second breakfast will not spread on the bag or backpack, and most importantly, we can be sure that nothing will fall out of the bag. This solution will also work great during a picnic.

It’s worth taking a moment and choosing the right food storage containers, it’s a worthwhile investment. The correct storage of food will not only make us able to always enjoy fresh and aromatic products, but above all it will have an impact on the comfort of use and order in our kitchen.

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