Humidity in your home? We tell you how to fight it

The moisture that appears in the house can be the result of cracks in the walls of the building, incorrect construction of the foundation, but also our daily habits and too poor ventilation of the rooms are responsible for it. The presence of moisture carries many negative effects on health, and after a while it leads to the formation of mold. Learn how to recognize it and how to get rid of it effectively.

How to detect the presence of moisture in the apartment?

The relative humidity of the air in the room should be at the level of 50-60%. If the highest value persists regularly, there are threats to the walls, windows, some electrical appliances and, above all, the health of household members. Where to look for evidence of moisture? In the bathroom, there will be a foggy mirror and damp walls, although nooks and crannies are also worth looking at. Throughout the apartment, too high humidity will be evidenced by regular fogging of the windows, followed by wet spots that appear on the walls and appliances. The last situation means that the problem is really serious. Mold will appear soon.

Mold and other negative effects of moisture

Too humid air negatively affects the health of household members. With high humidity, we feel cold, even when the temperature is optimal. This state of affairs also negatively affects the condition of our respiratory tract, which becomes more susceptible to infections and allergies. Moisture creates great conditions for the development of mites and bacteria. Another consequence is the appearance of mold, among others, on the walls, but also between the window frames and glass. Fungi attack not only our respiratory tract, but also our everyday devices. If the problem is not resolved quickly, windows and some furniture may need to be replaced. How to deal with humidity and prevent the appearance of mold?

Sensitive rooms are mainly a bathroom and a kitchen. In order for moisture to be discharged outside, excellent ventilation is necessary, which must be checked regularly. In the kitchen it is worth placing a hood that will absorb the water vapor generated during cooking. The apartment requires regular ventilation, and in single-family homes you should also check pipes that may leak and roof gutters to prevent blockage and moisture penetration through the roof. If mold has already appeared in your apartment, it must be removed as soon as possible. Special sprays designed for this purpose are helpful.

How to choose the optimal moisture absorber?

Regardless of the source of the problem, a moisture absorber will be a very useful device. A good solution is absorbents that work on the basis of special tablets that absorb moisture from the air. Its advantages include not only effectiveness, but also the ability to remove unpleasant odors. It is worth remembering that the larger the surface of the air in contact with the tablet, the more effectively the device works.

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