What is the best way to store jewelry?

Jewelry is every woman’s best friend. Correctly selected makes us look and feel more beautiful. However, like other friendships, it must be nurtured. Here are some tips on how to store your valuables so they keep their shine longer.

Order and good organization are the basis

Jewelry care doesn’t end with regular cleaning (although it’s worth remembering). To avoid scratching your favorite trinkets, they need to be stored properly. First of all, remember to keep the different types of jewelry separate. Separately grouped rings, necklaces, and bracelets won’t get tangled or damaged, and you’ll easily find the accessory you need.


Rings and chains made of precious metals are best stored in the boxes in which they were purchased. They will protect the trinkets from harmful moisture and prolong their beautiful appearance. Some boxes that are added to expensive jewelry are created with a specific accessory in mind, for example, they contain a special material that prevents tarnishing.

If you prefer to keep all your accessories in one place, a trunk will be a convenient solution. It usually consists of several removable chambers and containers, lined with satin or velvet. The soft fabric inside will protect your valuables from scratches. The box must be made of a durable material that protects the contents from external factors.

You can make a jewelry box yourself. You will need one large cardboard box and several smaller ones in different shapes that will create the compartments for the cassette. Colorful materials, strong glue, sequins, ribbons, and beads will also come in handy.

Wrap all containers with cloth, first from the outside, then from the inside. Place smaller cardboard boxes on the bottom of the larger ones. To decorate the coffin, use beads and ribbons. Ready!

Cabinets or shelves

A good solution will be special shelves with partitions, designed for mounting on chests of drawers and desks. You can buy them in popular construction hypermarkets and on the Internet. Special chambers allow you to easily group jewelry and present it effectively.

Instead of spending money on a decorative shelf, use an empty drawer. Put a lingerie organizer shipped with soft material in it, et voila! From now on, you can easily keep your rings and earrings in order. You can also store jewelry in your closet. On the inside of the door, place some hooks and hang your favorite necklaces on them. Pendants stored this way will definitely not tangle anymore.


They are ideal for storing artificial jewelry. They are available in various models, styles, and shapes, for example, female silhouette or hand. You will definitely find one that will harmonize with your home decor. You can hang your favorite chains, bracelets, and rings on them. The more hooks and hangers on the rack, the more items will fit on it.

Look around the house and let your imagination run wild. Use unnecessary household items, such as an old cupcake plate or mismatched mugs. You can hang earrings on a painted vegetable grater, and hide rings in glasses. The possibilities are endless.

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