How to know if you have rats at home?

Contrary to appearances, rats are highly intelligent animals, and their hiding places can really surprise you. Most of the time you can find them in cellars, garages, attics, outbuildings or sheds. They can also hide in pipes and sewer devices or under the floor. They also dig channels to a depth of about 40-50 cm underground, where they establish nests.

In addition, rats can walk on the walls, so they can also make life difficult for the residents of the premises located on the upper floors. These climbers are excellent climbers and easily walk on walls, so there are cases when they are even on the 7th or 8th floor.

What is a rat’s nest like?

To the nests of rats established underground, channels and burrows with a width of about 10 cm usually lead. The underground nests of rats are very often created in places with access to water, for example, on the banks of lakes, rivers or streams. Rats also dig underground corridors connecting the nests of various individuals, and their tunnels can be quite long and multi-level.

Where else do rats nest? Burrows that appear in the yard near garbage dumps or places where we feed pets should also cause concern. If we notice underground holes on property without mounds, it may indicate the presence of rats.

How to recognize that there are rats in the house?

Rat nests can also be located in buildings inhabited by people and farm animals. The fact that there is a rat nest in the basement, attic or garage can be evidenced by the presence of droppings, food scraps, bitten wires and an unpleasant smell. Rats mark their territory with urine, so it’s hard to miss their presence precisely because of this characteristic stench.

Rats are difficult to notice during the day, as they are mainly active at night. When we hear characteristic scratching or other noises at night that indicate rodent movement, it should be a clear signal to us that we need to take action to combat pests.

How to get rid of rats?

When we notice the presence of rats in the yard, at home or in the garage, it will be necessary to react quickly to get rid of the rodents before they begin to multiply. The most effective in the fight against rats are the following methods:

Poisons: Specialized rat poison available in stores emits a specific odor that attracts rodents. The poisonous substance should be placed in nooks and crannies where rats may be. However, it must be remembered that the poison can be dangerous for pets. Therefore, it is worth making sure that dogs or cats or other domestic animals do not come into contact with a toxic substance. It is also necessary to take into account that rats are intelligent animals and cannot be tempted by poison that harmed their companions. Therefore, it is recommended to use various poisons.

Traps – Traditional rodent traps remain one of the most popular ways to catch rats. There are several types of traps available on the market that cause the immediate death of the animal or allow it to be captured and released, for example, in the forest. In a classic trap, a treat is usually placed, and when the animal is close, a mechanism is activated that kills or immobilizes the rodent. In addition to the classic traps in stores, you can also find glue traps that do not kill the animal, but prevent it from escaping.

Derat removal: when home methods fail, it is worth relying on the help of professionals who will eliminate rodents from your home with chemical and mechanical methods forever. Specialists will not only help you say goodbye to rodents, but also take care of prevention, thanks to which the problem should not recur.

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